Monday, August 1, 2016

Featured Product: Kitchen Renovation Tool

Has the granite of your kitchen top begun to crack?

This is a common phenomenon with marble-based counter-tops which has become a problematic issue for homeowners today. Fortunately, the EZ-Level system exists to remedy your issues. Through a strict process of reverse engineering, the manufacturing experts based in the United States developed a unique product to fix this common scenario.

Where can we purchase this leveling system?

The E-Z level product is readily available for purchase on their official website here. Along with instructions, the company has provided a supplementary video guide which can be found below.

This video has recently been known to become viral with over 2 million views. This is a substantial amount of satisfied customers who often leave verified testimonials. The company is extremely comprehensive in their guide.

Monday, May 16, 2016

What is a Leg Leveler?

Leg levelers are implemented cabinetry installation in conjunction with glides to provide a stable support base alongside a full range of movement or placement. When installing into a new cabinet run in a new kitchen setup, leg levelers are a key component in the procedure.

View the clip above for a comprehensive guide of assembly.